The Worst Films In Memory Of

There’s a common statistic thrown around car insurance sites that most accidents occur within three miles of a person’s house. They don’t mention that almost ninety percent of these are caused by your alcoholic son doing doughnuts around the house in his shitty Voltswagen Golf. Now, if he wants his flagged YouTube videos of him blaring his Cascada CD played at his funeral, he might certainly qualify to make this list.

Death caught on film, it’s not just for market corner VHS trades. Cast and crew have passed on while on production and the only honourable thing to do is dedicate their last work in their memory. Sometimes, however, they may well have only been there for a paycheck, and their name so prominently attached is perhaps the opposite of their last wishes.

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Top Monsters from Wrestling Hell

There’s an eternal tale of a battle between good and evil. A world where miracles and resurrections are commonplace. Usually, the folk who believe it’s all real live in the South. In many ways, wrestling is a religious experience. The two industries have done business from David and the Goliath to Ellsworth and Styles.
It can go both ways, the New Day start as a black gospel stable before making cereal and anime work. On the flip side, real people like Shawn Michaels can become born-again Christians.
“There’s only one God […] and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that”, said a wise man. In equal wisdom, WWE CEO Vince McMahon knows best how to dress the big man in his in-ring debut. He doesn’t. He also books God to abandon the match leaving his tag team partner to lose.

To keep the roster diverse, WWE have to talent search both above, below, bath, and beyond. These monsters are willing and ready to compete for belts, money, and material gain. Even in death, lives on the American dream.

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