Academic Entertainment.

In 1997, Contact was one of the first major movies to offer audio commentaries on the quickly booming DVD format. A way to watch their film with up to three unique perspectives of “how-we-filmed-the-nebulae trivia” as Entertainment Weekly put it.

They also called the efforts “mountains of filler”. A near-sighted jab unable to understand the obsession that nerd fandoms will go to dissect and discuss even the most obscure tidbits of knowledge that shed light on what they love.

So That’s What We’re Doing?

As two people who volunteered to live a life in debt for studying films we either hadn’t seen or cared for, we know the pursuits that passion will drive us all to.

And yes, we live in an online age saturated with video essays, deconstructions, and overly long criticisms. And yes, we are most certainly diving into that caustic and yet creativity-bound world.

What we hope to offer is a reversal of the lectures we paid good money for; to apply that prestigious and often stuffy intellect to the ‘mountains of filler’ that permeate the mainstream cinema. Take a critical eye to why our parents’ DVD collection consists of several stand-up shows, two Kevin James comedies, and a sequel of which they’ve never seen the original. To use the big, fancy words to understand the films most people actually watch and why.

We want to make academia entertaining.